ROBOQI Automatic Wireless Car Charger

Hands-free Operation

Instant charging by placing your phone on

Robotic arm grips the phone automatically

Truly hands-free trigger

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Qi Wireless Fast Charging

WPC Qi Certification

7.5W/10W high speed wireless charging

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ROBOQI - The Coolest

Imagine a world where you can charge your phone without a wire. ROBOQI is what you need! ROBOQI is the coolest and most advance wireless car charger you’ve ever seen

Robotic Arms

The Robotic arms are well padded with soft silicone to securely grip your treasured phone without any damage, making the auto-inductive charging system conveniently secure. Release in just one second.

Flawless Detection Sensor

ROBOQI is built with a contact sensor. When the sensor is pressed, the motion control will be triggered and the robotic arms will tightly grip on your phone. The wireless charge will be activated to charge the phone. When the sensor is released, the robotic arms will be opened automatically. This advanced and flawless detection technique ensures you with the best charging experience.

USB-C Fast Charging

ROBOQI is Qi-certified and supports the latest Qi wireless charging version 1.2.4, including 7.5W high speed wireless charging for the iPhones as well as 10W high speed wireless charging for the Android devices. 

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