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Monday - Friday

8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

(GMT+8) Time in Beijing, China

Inrigo camera bag backpack takes waterproof to next level

Inrigo camera bag backpack takes waterproof to next level



TRUDGING through hilly terrain, the heavens opened.

Traditionally that's a sign of concern for photographers hauling expensive gear. Not with the Inrigo camera bag.

The 35-litre capacity backpack takes waterproof to the next level for about $350 plus shipping.

Able to house two camera bodies and up to five lenses, depending on size, the bag insulates equipment from the worst elements. While waterproofing isn't new, the Inrigo bag sets itself apart with innovative features.

Equipped with a humidity monitoring system it provides a constant read-out showing internal bag conditions. That information can be linked to an app via Bluetooth, which alerts the user to concerning temperatures or humidity - common killers of tech equipment.

Lightweight, it feels more like a hiking backpack with spongy inserts to cushion against your spine and a clip-up belt providing additional comfort.

The top straps can change height although it involves a cumbersome D-bolt system.

Opening the bag can also take some muscle. Designed to be airtight, the zipper operates like an oversize snaplock bag, and it have to use the pull rings and squeeze into an 'S' shape to separate.

It's vital to keep the robust rubber zipper clean to maintain waterproofing - it can be submerged up to a metre.

There's little chance of losing the bag - it's only currently available in bright yellow as the start-up product from its Chinese inventor Oliver Sun is still gaining momentum - but the app can also alarm if you move too far away from the bag or if it's shifted.

Another impressive feature is its ability to provide an air bubble around the equipment. It can be bought with a small air pump, or you can blow directly into the valve to create an air bubble...a great option if checking in baggage during air travel or if it's tossed out of a boat.

Our experience saw it become a useful ally when hiking, able to house a laptop, camera gear and additional clothing.

External fittings can handle drones, tripods or other items using a combination of bungee cords, mesh side netting and straps with plastic clips.

Two internal bags make it easy to house the most important equipment on top for quick access.

The bag is currently available through the MicroNovelty website, a company dedicated to helping new inventions, but is expected to be on sale through Amazon later this year.

At about $420 delivered is a reasonable investment, but worth for those who love the great outdoors to protect far more expensive equipment.


Inrigo waterproof camera bag

Price: $350 (US$250), plus shipping ($US50) takes total to $418.

Capacity: 35 litres

Size: 32x20x59cm.

Inner size: 30x16x20cm

Website: or on Amazon later this year.